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How Your Website Can Score a Perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights

The faster your website loads, the longer visitors stay connected and the lower your bounce rate. If your bounce rate is too high, Google assumes that your site doesn't answer a visitor's questions and you will be demoted in the search rankings.

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SEO for Law Firms: How To Grow Your Online Visibility

By doing smart SEO and making sure your expectations are realistic regarding the absolute amount of traffic and local leads you can aim for, you can ensure that your law practice will do better than your competitors and snag clients without expensive paid ads.

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How to Perform a Complete Local SEO Audit for Your Law Firm in 44 Minutes

If your law firm doesn’t show up on that first page anywhere, how do you grow the business? You start by conducting a local SEO audit of your website.

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How to Audit Your Law Firm's Social Engagement

Google recognizes popular brands. The bigger and more engaged your audience is, the more you will be able to boost rankings.

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How to Audit Your Website Engagement in Just 3 Minutes

If people objectively enjoy your site by engaging with the articles and videos or sharing it on social media, that tells Google that your website provides a great user experience and valuable information.

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How to Check Your Law Firm Website's Speed in Under a Minute

You shouldn't be shocked to learn that slow sites have drastically less traffic and tremendously higher bounce rates than well-built websites.

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How to Audit Image SEO on Your Law Firm's Website

There are two main components to image optimization for local SEO: keyword usage and how images affect page load speed.

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How to Audit SEO on Your Front Page in Just 7 Minutes

With just five points of information, you’ll be well-equipped to analyze how well your pages are optimized for local SEO. Plus, you’ll be able to identify improvements and content gaps that might be missing.

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How to Audit Your Law Firm's Local SEO Citations

It’s important to look into both your structured and unstructured citations, as they're quite a bit different.

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Where to Find Opportunities to Use Schema-Markup in Only 2 Minutes

Most law firms don't realize how important schema-markup is, and so many marketing companies just don't prioritize it. This is a huge mistake because schema-markup is a great opportunity to dominate the top of search results.

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How to Audit Your Law Firm's Links for Quality and Quantity

Google has caught on to spam link builders; you don't want to get backlinks from a page that Google considers to be garbage—a LinkFarm or Thin Content page.

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How to Audit Your Law Firm's Reviews for Quality and Quantity

Search engines regard online reviews—in terms of quality, quantity, and sources—as a powerful and authentic measure of your law practice's popularity and viability. Plus, potential clients trust reviews as an accurate gauge of your quality level, sometimes more than a direct referral.

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How to Audit Your Law Firm's Google My Business Listing in 3 Minutes

To be listed in Google's "snack pack," your Google My Business listing must be robust, and well-optimized with your core target keywords.

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How to Audit Your Competitor's Local SEO in Only 7 Minutes

As a law firm, you're always operating in a highly competitive online arena—whether your practice is located in New York City or North Dakota. Even if the other top law firms are not doing everything perfectly, you need to document what your up against as part of a Local SEO Audit.

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How to Analyze Keywords to Improve Your Law Firm's Local SEO in 7 Minutes

The first step to improve your website's ranking on local searches should be to determine what you're currently ranking for and identify any opportunities you may be missing.

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8 Steps to Building Your Law Firm's SEO Strategy

This is a brief summary of SEO strategy, and our guides include other important aspects to help you rank your law firm's website. If you truly want to invest in driving major SEO results for your law firm, consider partnering with Branding Company for your business.


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